8 February 2009

Red Light Company - Fine Fascination

You know Snow Patrol right? Those well known purveyors of mum-rock (like dad-rock, but not angry, dangerous or ballsy)? Even though they're not cool or rock 'n' roll doesn't mean they're a bad band, just a bit vanilla. But luckily Red Light Company are here! Like a good/interesting version of Snow Patrol, with more indie cred. Tipped by some as a big band for 2009, their sound is pretty much your basic radio-friendly indie rock. There is a question mark whether they will be overshadowed by White Lies, what with all their hype and a Number One album.

There isn't too much that stands out immediately, apart from the singles which include "With Lights Out", "Meccano" and the future classic "Scheme Eugene". When "Fine Fascination" is good then it's very good. Most songs could be big hits, with their big hooks and easy on the ear sound. But when it isn't so good then it's just a bit samey. But the album does pick up for the final three tracks. "Meccano" is just as good as anything around at the minute in a similar vein. "When Everyone Is Everybody Else" starts off a bit like "Be Safe" by The Cribs but turns out to be actually quite epic, a world away from the scuzzy indie of the Jarman brothers. The final track "The Alamo" is the best on the album, just as epic as the preceding track, and sounds like the younger sibling of Biffy Clyro's "Mountains".

The album could turn out to be a grower, but at the minute the lack of variation blocks off any real feeling of greatness that could come through. This won't stop them from getting huge though, and if they're not headlining V Festival by album three, then I shall eat my hat. After going out and buying one first.
ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Scheme Eugene", "Meccano", "The Alamo"
FOR FANS OF: Snow Patrol, White Lies, The Enemy


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