8 February 2009

Spider And The Flies - Something Clockwork This Way Comes

With an album title that alludes to "A Clockwork Orange" and made by Rhys "Spider" Webb and Tom "Tomethy Furse" Cowan of The Horrors, you know you're in for something that is more than a bit out of the ordinary. For the most part, the album sounds like it's from the soundtrack of a sci-fi/horror flick from the 60s or like sounds you'd expect to be eminating from a mad scientist's lab.

"Clockwork" is greatly influenced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and its retro-futuristic sounds. It isn't something you'd really wan played on a night out, and it's not chart-topping indie-pop. But it is experimental, it is instrumental and represents the confidence and talent of its two creators. And what's more, "Clockwork" is infintely more listenable than The Horrors, which is always a plus...although not exactly a hard thing to be.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Jungle Planet", "Metallurge", "Teslabeat" FOR FANS OF: The Horrors, Holy Fuck

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