8 February 2009


Okay, so it's still just about winter. It's snowing and the wind is as bitter as a Liverpool fan on Thursday morning. There's a recession going on. Things aren't looking
too brilliant at the minute (unless you're an Evertonian). But there is one certified antidote to any seasonal blues in the form of Wilmington band The Love Language. Just under 30 minutes long, it packs enough joy and sprit into its nine songs to eradicate even the worst winter woes.

Quite a few comparisons have been made about TLL already. "Deerhunter & White Rabbits listening to lots of the Phil Spector Christmas album and soul." "The Beatles....Stevie Wonder.....Thin Lizzy". Whilst these may be a bit wide of the mark, TLL are a great lo-fi indie-pop band with a whole lotta soul. There's a few similarities with Cold War Kids and Wild Beasts (just without the falsetto and weirdness), but the band are definitely on their own in the current musical climate. Such is the quality of the songs on the album that if TLL were on "Tips for 2009" lists then they would certainly top a chart or two.

The album deserves repeat listenings, if only for pop gems such as the infectious "Sparxxx" and lilting "Nocturne". Album opener "Two Rabbits" is the kind of song that makes you want to spend a night sitting in front of a roaring fire, doing absolutely nothing and loving it. "Lalita" is a highlight of the album and already a contender for pop song of the year. The album may be short (with only one song going over 4 minutes), but it's definitely sweet and however much you spend buying it will be money well spent.
ESSENTIAL TRACKS: The whole album
FOR FANS OF: Wild Beasts, Cold War Kids, Guillemots, Jens Lekman


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