10 February 2009

TRACKS - 10.02.09 - The Maccabees, Flashguns, Hatcham Social

The Maccabees - No Kind Words
"Colour It In", The Maccabees debut album, was one of the best British debut of recent times (which mean it was pretty damn good going on the quality of many other first albums that have been released in the last five years). Despite every song having the potential to be a chart hit, the band never hit the heights of, say, Kaiser Chiefs. But now they return, with "No Kind Words" taken from their yet-to-be-released second album. "Wall Of Arms". It's a definite change from the sound of debut, coming on Joy Division; all low bass, prominent drums and a spacey echo on both the guitars and Orlando Weeks' voice. But where The Maccabees differ from Curtis, Hook, Sumner and Morris is the amount of hooks throughout, as well as the typical Maccabees racket that ends the song. It's also a free download, so what have you got to lose really? Get it and be enlightened.
FOR FANS OF: The Futureheads, The Cure, The Rakes

Flashguns - Locarno and Ro Shambo
This young London-via-Brighton mob are almost like a melting pot of a selection of some of the best bands over the last 30 years. There are elements of The Smiths, The Cure, The Killers and so many more in these two songs, and the future looks bright for them. "Locarno" is a jangly, jittery slice of smooth, synth-infused indie, which could become a big hit. "Ro Shambo" on the other hand, is the perfect vehicle for Sam Johnston's plaintive yet soulful vocals, with the band restraining themselves, whilst demonstrating their talent for creating something as danceable as it is melancholy. They'll go far if they keep to this standard.
FOR FANS OF: The Killers, The Maccabees, Cajun Dance Party

Hatcham Social - Murder In The Dark and Mimicking Me
It's been 22 years since The Smiths officially split. Whether you're looking for something to fill the void or you can't stand Morrissey, but like Marr then this lot are for you. Comprised of three of the best-named people ever in Tobias & Finnigan Kidd (ex-Klaxons drummer, don'tcha know) and David Javu, Hatcham Social are inspired by children's fiction and 1980s indie, and it certainly shows. "Murder In The Dark" could be taken straight from "The Queen Is Dead". The drums gallop relentlessly throughout the track, the bass is funky and elastic, the guitar sound is as jangly as a bin bag full of 20ps. To add to this, the song has a distinct air of melacholia and its subject matter is straight from the "Morrissey Book Of Songwriting". "Mimicking Me" is pretty much more of the same, and makes for a great listen.
FOR FANS OF: The Smiths

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