10 November 2008

"We have real zombies on the go here!"

Glasvegas on Graham Norton Uncut. Errrr whut? I could take James Allan going on Buzzcocks, but this just too weird tbh


Twisted Wheel: new Manc/Oldham band, current supporting Oasis on tour. Not too sure what to make of them being honest. The tracks I heard on their MySpace are fairly average, stuff you'd expect to hear from the local chavvy band who've just discovered The Clash. But their new single "Lucy The Castle" is pretty catchy, and miles better than their other stuff. It may be because the video has been played about 972840 on the music channels over the last week or two, but still check 'em out.

Twisted Wheel

Lucy The Castle video


"I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things."

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