12 November 2008

"There is no nation of me, there is no nation of you"

Okay so no No Age review yet. Rather stressed atm, I should really start doing homework at the proper time. Oh well...

But but but! The new Franz Ferdinand album, "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand", is shaping up to be amazing, judging on the three songs I've heard and the NME blog review. I've been listening to Lucid Dreams and Can't Stop Feeling for a couple of months now, both perfect Franz. Although not exactly groundbreaking, they're still both guaranteed hits, if it weren't for the fact that my version of CSF is a demo, and LD has been turned into an apparent 8 minute long techno choon.

But just today I've got my virtual hands on a virtual copy of "Ulysses", the lead single from the album. To sound like a typical NME hack, it's pure disco, but with a slice of epicness and electronica mixed in. It'll be huge on the dancefloors and, while possibly not being to the taste of all fans, bodes well for the album.



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