6 November 2008


God, the EMAs are awful.
It's embarassing enough to get our own little awards ceremony just because we aren't on the other side of the pond, but to give the awards to shit acts is a kick in the continental bollocks.
The only good things about it were the Wombats, The Killers and Katy Perry (only because she is rather prettyful).
  • Metallica, Duffy and Coldplay all nominated for numerous awards, and lose out to 30 Seconds To Mars,Pink and
  • Jared Leto dressed in purple skinny jeans, a leather jacket, Obama shirt, a checked shirt and big kicks with hair past your shoulders. You're almost 40! Jesus Christ on a bike!
  • Bono. Wanker.
  • Tokio Hotel. A bunch of German hair-metallers beating Metallica and The Cure to the title of "Headliner". I know that means absolutely nothing, but it's the principle of the matter.
  • Rick Astley being voted "Best Act Ever". I don't care how many lulz it provided or that I voted for him at least a thousand times, it just makes the whole thing seem totally farcical.
  • The fact that only 4 winners were European
  • The sheer amount of Americans turning the awards into an Obama rally. Yes, we know he won, we know he's pretty amazing but no need to shove it down our throats.
Fuck MTV, and fuck their awards
(I realise now it's ironic that I'm off to watch Gonzo on MTV2 now, but still.... MTV in general is a load of wank)
"First love, last love, hold me love, it's only love"

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