6 October 2009

Vampire Weekend - Horchata

Last year's indie press darlings (and winners of Hitsville U.K.'s Album Of The Year) have been fairly quiet for quite some time now, apart from a great set at the Reading & Leeds festivals. But recently they've revealed the artwork for "Contra", their second album and now the first single taken from that record is free to download on the band's website. That single is "Horchata". Carefree and almost childlike in it's simplicity, "Horchata" sounds like the afrobeat constantly associated with Vampire Weekend and as straightforwardly pop as they come at the same time. Big drums, smooth vocals, easily memorable hooks and a whimsical, orchestral flourish makes this a worthy addition to VW's canon. Of course to the common garden music fan, it's not going to displace "A-Punk" as their One Big Hit™, but to any Vampire Weekend fan "Horchata" will be on constant repeat.

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