17 October 2009

The "New Moon" soundtrack

So far, all that the "Twilight Saga" (as it's now known) has given us musically is Paramore's "Decode", which is reason enough to think about avoiding the New Moon OST. But one glance at its tracklisting is more than enough to get any indie fan hot under their checked shirt collar. Here are the choice tracks from one of the best soundtracks for a while

So this is what they've been hiding up their sleeves. After the fairly dire Day & Age album, this is definitely a step back in the right direction for the Las Vegas foursome. Gone is the glitter and grandeur of the last album, replaced with a sombre tone that pops up in most great Killers songs. Tinkling ivories and a slow waltzing pace, along with an uplifting middle eight as well as a proper guitar solo and a bit of brass tacked on (I'm a sucker for brass instruments on pop songs. See; Maximo Park's Leeds set this year, Maccabees new album) make this a definite success and a nice stop-gap before the fourth album

New Bon Iver material is always a cause for celebration (ironic considering how Bon Iver sounds), and even though this was never going to be a massive step away from his previous songs, it's a welcome addition to the canon. A little bit countrified, thanks to the slide guitar section, "Rosyln" sounds more warm and welcoming than most songs on "For Emma, Forever Ago". This is most likely due to the spectral vocals of St. Vincent singer Annie Clark, who augments Bon Iver's typical template with ease. The only bad point is that it'll no doubt be used during a scene in which someone's looking around broodingly, or being a miserable queynte. It deserves so much better.

This song first appeared at Editors gigs in 2008, but in a much different guise. It bore more of a resemblance to the Editors of old, motorik beats, squalling echo-drenched guitars and rumbling bass. In that arrangement, it was merely a very good Editors song, but as it is on this soundtrack, "No Sound But The Wind" become a thing of beauty. Consisting of just Tom Smith and a lone piano, the simple chords combined with Smith's powerful vocal propel this to the fore of Editors songs. How this didn't make it on to the new album is baffling. But once again, the single negative point is the association with the film, which you know will be awful, and with Robert "shite hair" Pattinson, who is awful.

And now for your enjoyment, and mostly mine, some rather hilarious Twilight pics/gifs.

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