21 September 2009

Soup Of The Day: The Drums

FROM: Brooklyn, NY
GENRE: Indie/Pop
SOUNDS LIKE: The soundtrack to either a lost classic 80s teen movie or a 1960's surfing flick. Or what's hidden underneath the feedback and noise of every shoegaze song; perfect pop. Or a pop Joy Division, which I know sounds horrible, but turns out top be pretty awesome.
ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Let's Go Surfing", "Best Friend", "Down By The Water"
YOU'LL LOVE THEM IF YOU LIKE: Pop, Vampire Weekend, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The Answering Machine, Blink 182 (at a very big push)
CHECK OUT: Their aptly-titled "Summertime" EP
MORE INFO?: MySpace, official website


Anonymous said...

I love the drums!!!!! they were amazing live in newcastle .
Johnny i love you xx
jacob has the cheek bones of an angel

eleanor payne said...

conor!!!!!!!!!! you are mine forever

Eleanor payne said...

conor!!!!!!!!!! you are mine x