22 September 2009

NEU! featuring Muse, The Chapman Family, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The Hot Melts, Girls

Muse - Uprising
The first official release from "The Resistance" (after the bonkers "United States Of Eurasia") sees the Teignmouth trio in usual fine form, even if this does sound like a million different other songs. Hints of "Spirit In The Sky", "Shoot The Runner", "Personal Jesus" and even the Doctor Who theme tune all crop up, but seeing as Muse have never been the most serious of bands (Evidence? Here and here) it's pretty much acceptable. After all, what's rock & roll without a little bit of madness? "Uprising" isn't up there with previous Muse classics, and it's not even the best song on the new album but the simple catchiness and awesome-as-usual guitar work should make it a hit with both new and old fans.


The Chapman Family - Virgins
First it was "Kids", now it's "Virgins". You'd be forgiven for being worried by The Chapman Family due to their song titles, but leaving that to one side, this new single is an altogether more radio-friendly affair than its predecessor (basically there aren't blasts of face-melting guitar every 5 seconds). That's not to say the Chapmans have gone all Jonas Brothers. "Virgins" is still a brooding slice of post-punk genius, with Joy Division-esque bass and the oddly anthemic edge we've come to expect from the Teesiders. For anyone anticipating their upcoming tour or a possible album, this will only serve to get you even more excited
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Come Saturday
One of the bigger names of the shoegaze craze (both in popularity and actual length), TPOBPAH have the balance between pop tunes and feedback just right, something that a fair few bands in the scene cannot manage e.g. Times New Viking. That said, "Come Saturday" is a bit anonymous compared to the rest of The Pains' debut, despite a great intro which sounds like a twee Clash (sounds horrible, but it's pretty alright). I reccomend the rest of their self-titled album, but just skip this one.

The Hot Melts - Red Lips
Well this is something new; a Liverpool band who aren't directly influenced by The La's/Shack. The Hot Melts favour big rock tunes rather than jangly Merseybeat, and when combined with the typical Scouse pop nous, we get one of the freshest and best new bands around at the minute. Plus, should you lack enough funds to actually go out and buy their album, the band are giving it away for free. If The Hot Melts don't get big, then I'll eat my hat...after going and finding one first.

Girls - Lust For Life
Along with The Drums, Girls are the buzz band of the second half of '09. Both deal in bittersweet indie pop, but Girls seem that little bit more dangerous or typically "rock & roll". Once you get past the slightly odd, slightly androgynous vocals (which isn't too easy with lines like "I wish I had a boyfriend/I wish I had a loving man in my life") you'll find that this is one of the best pop songs of the decade...if a little scuzzed up. Whether Girls end up as an indie one-hit wonder or a classic underground band remains to be seen, but for now you can just stick this on repeat

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