10 September 2009

NEU! featuring Ian Brown, Weezer, The Black Box Revelation, and The Drums

Ian Brown - Stellify
King Monkey may not have that many big tunes of his own (as evidenced at Leeds) but this is certain to join the few in his canon. Lo-fi and clearly dance-inspired with the entrancing piano line. Driven along by an great marching beat and like pretty much everything to do with Brown, it's got a certain swagger to it which is more than enough to propel it into classic status.

Weezer - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
The first release from Weezer's awesome-ly titled seventh album "Raditude" is just what you'd expect from Rivers Cuomo & the other three. The skiffle-y intro makes way for a great pop chorus, with all the ingredients for a classic Weezer tune; girls, lsuting after them, some reference to summer and Slayer. After the 50/50 awesomeness/filler of The Red Album, "Raditude" is gonna be...well...rad!

The Black Box Revelation - I Think I Like You
There hasn't been a young, brash, permanently-wearing-leather-jacket-type rock 'n' roll group with both tunes and attitude around in a while (The Enemy? Really? Did you hear that second album?!). What Oasis would sound like if they were still 20, playing shite clubs and showed a hell of a lot more passion for what they do, instead of cosying up to Russell Brand or starting fashion labels. It's not what you'd call original and whilst it may have been done thousands of times before, TBBR are making garage rock what it should be; exciting and not giving a fook.

The Drums - Let's Go Surfing
There's no point in anyone releasing any other single this year. This is the best song of 2009. It's what is under all that feedback and droning of the current shoegaze revival; pure classic guitar pop, just guitar, bass, drums and packed to the brim with hooks. "Let's Go Surfing" is the perfect summer song, and had it recieved more exposure, it would have been this year's "A-Punk"...just less annoying. If you can stop yourself from listening to it on repeat/humming it throughout the day, then I'll eat my hat.

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