17 March 2009

Oooh look! It's a new feature/article type thing. It's basically me going on about whatever artist/band has been taking over my brain recently. Along with the "Obsession of the week" bit on the sidebar. Predominantly new bands, since if I did a SOTD on The Beatles, it would be rather pointless. Anyways....

FROM: Blackpool
GENRE: Electro-pop
SOUNDS LIKE: What Madonna's been striving to get with her last few re-inventions; massive slabs of electo disco heaven
BEST TRACKS: "Stuck On Repeat" (the normal version and the Fake Blood remix), "New In Town", "Meddle"
SIMILAR TO: Lykke Li, La Roux, Kylie
ALSO CHECK OUT: Her cover of Hot Chip's "Ready For The Floor", her MySpace, and her blog

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