24 March 2009

LOVING ITManic Street Preachers - Journal For Plague Lovers
Released 18th May.
The best news of the week/month/virtually the entire year.
  1. Peeled Apples
  2. Jackie Collins Existential Question Time
  3. Me and Stephen Hawking
  4. This Joke Sport Severed
  5. Journal For Plague Lovers
  6. She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach
  7. Facing Page: Top Left
  8. Marlon J.D.
  9. Doors Closing Slowly
  10. All Is Vanity
  11. Pretension/Repulsion
  12. Virginia State Epileptic Colony
  13. William’s Last Words
Okay so the song titles are mostly awful, but most early signs (or tweets and blogs from people who have heard it) point towards an amazing piece work. If only they'd have had a tour date up here.

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