25 March 2009

TRACKS>>>25.03.09>>>The Big Pink, Asher Roth, The Enemy, Hot Knives

The Big Pink - Velvet
Two piece The Big Pink won the Phillip Hall Radar Award at this year's NME Awards, a title that is an indicator to the next 12 months' big indie hope and has previously been given to the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Glasvegas (all great), The Long Blondes (bit meh) and The Twang (what were they smoking?). Out of those acts, TBP are most closely linked to Glasvegas, not just for their shared affection for leather jackets and looking moody. Both bands share epic walls of sound and more than a whiff of melancholia in their music, but whereas Glasvegas use shimmering guitar effects, TBP opt for heavy electronic backing and an equal amount of distortion on "Velvet". The song itself is droney and mournful enough to pull in fans of the shoegaze sound, but has a prominent pop sensibility, as well as hooks, to make it stand out. Definitely worthy of the award.
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Asher Roth - I Love College
Yeah, dismiss him as a second-rate Eminem wannabe. He may be white as they come with blonde hair and a voice as nasal as they come but Asher Roth "refuses adamantly to embrace rap's fixation with violence, drugs and material possessions"...well according to the man himself anyways. "I Love College" may not be completely original in sentiment or sampling (using a remix of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So") but if it isn't the best party track to come out in years, then I'm Dr Dre. Laidback but demanding of your attention, Roth provides the perfect guide to college in the US (I'm guessing so at least) and who can argue with a chorus of "I love college/I love drinking/I love women"?
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The Enemy - No Time For Tears
The Hobbits return! That may be a tad unfair, as the bassist is probably around the same height as me. It's the other two letting him down, especially Tom Clarke, a prime example of "little man, big guitar" syndrome. He's just got to tell it how it is, since noone else is doing it apparently. The Enemy's second album is entitled "Music For The People" which is a grand, sweeping statement if I ever heard one. On the basis of its lead single "No Time For Tears", it would appear the lads from Cov are aiming to go even bigger before. A dash of sombre piano, thunderous drums, a backing choir and Led Zep-esque guitars all point towards sky high ambitions. Whether they achieve this is another matter. The song is catchy, and an improvement on most of their debut, but despite having made enough money to go buy great big houses in Cheshire, you'd think they'd stop banging on about wanting to "get out the city". Evidently not.
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Hot Knives - Out Of Touch
Nope, not a Bright Eyes-covering supergroup made up of members of The Hot Melts and Young Knives. Hot Knives have only been around for a matter of months, but they're still garnering attention from all over the place. The Manc band have received radio play on BBC Manchester and KCRW (pretty much the premier indie station in America, for those not in the know), they've had offers to support The Whitest Boy Alive and Broken Records and a lot of interest from the blogosphere and various management companies. In their own words they make "pop music to soundtrack the apocalypse", which is pretty damn accurate. At first "Out Of Touch" seems like a mish-mash of ideas that don't appear to fit, but as it grows every part slots into place to create an ambitious, dark pop song that builds to a huge sounding finale, complete with horns. Extremely impressive, for a band that has only publicly been in existence for a month, along with their other two tracks "Cold Morning" and "Solstice"
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