14 October 2008

Nothing but the truth

It's over 24 hours later and I still haven't done that history homework :/
One of these days, I'm gonna get organasised

Just thought, since I seem to be a Wikipedia of musical knowledge, at least amongst most people I know, I'd reccomend some bands to listen to, old and new :)

Bright Eyes - Supposedly "emo" folky indie
Glasvegas - If you don't know them by now, then you obviously do not listen to a word I say/type
The Hold Steady - One of the best bands in the world, crunching American barroom rock
The Rakes - Joy Division meets The Jam?/Arctic Monkeys if they had proper jobs in the city?
Those Dancing Days - Super sweet Swedish indie pop
White Lies - Gloomy stadium rawk, with quite a dark edge

That should be enough for now.
Might do some review tomorrow. Woop :)
Not sure what of, but hopefully tomorrow haha.

"America: It's like Britain, only with buttons."

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