13 October 2008

Funeral For People's Music Taste

Ughh, history homework takes the absolute Michael. Great way to start off a new blog eh? By moaning. Well get used to it; it's one of my favourite pasttimes.
Just got back from the Last Shadow Puppets gig in Manc. Twas pretty fucking good tbh. Possibly the thrid best gig I've been to (sorry Morrissey). Missed the support act (Ipso Facto), though from the songs I've heard, I wasn't exaclty missing The Beatles. Walked past James Ford outside, and said hi to Miles Kane. Wish I'd got a photo with him :/.
Anyways, everyone should go see them at the Electric Proms later this month.

And now for more moaning. It's the result of an MSN convo with someone, who'd just got back from a Funeral For A Friend gig at the Barfly. Proclaiming it to be:


Yeah, I know what yr thinking. Fan-girl-ness to the extreeeeeme. Noone in their right mind can proclaim FFAF to be the best band ever. Seriously. First of all, in comparison to the legends of music, they're absolute codswallop. Even in comparison to a lot of bands around today, FFAF are still pretty bad. They started off as a pretty decent proto-emo/hard rock band, but seem to have evolved into a bland, boring, below average stadium rock band. Something we really, really do not need right now. I guess the best analogy would be a fiesty little terrier that has been neutered and is now a tame little lapdog. I really can't believe anyone can actually think they're worthy of "BEST BAND EVORRR LOL!1" titles

In my opinion, for a band to be declared "best ever", they need to meet certain criteria. For instance: life changing albums/songs/gigs, more than one memorable song, a clear message, fucking melodies, a wider fanbase than a bunch of faux-emo kids, fan girls who want to have the bands collective offspring and people who can't name all of The Beatles.

Bands who fit this criteria: The Clash, The Smiths, The Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, Joy Division, Oasis, Blur, The Verve, Radiohead, Sex Pistols.
And for bands still around who could very well be some of the best ever, look to Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, The Cribs, Glasvegas, Arcade Fire, The Hold Steady, TV On The Radio, Klaxons, Kings Of Leon, Bloc Party and The Coral.

Seriously people, sort out yr music tastes. I know some of you do listen to some incredible stuff etc etc. And I also know it's everyone's own opinion on what music they listen to, but still, you could do better than Funeral For A bloody Friend.

"You've made a happy man very old."

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