7 January 2010

2009: Songs of the Year...FINALLY! - #100 to #51

Most sincere apologies, dearest readers. I actually cannot remember the last time I blogged, a sad state of affairs indeed. The reasons are (not so) may and (not very) varied; laptop reset itself, thus deleting everything I was writing and had written to put on the blog, uni got in the way a little, then came Christmas, New Year's, a lot of eating and procrastination, an obsession with (500) Days Of Summer and Inglourious Basterds (amazing soundtracks for both by the way) etc etc. Excuses, exucses, I know. So without further ado, here's #100 to #51 on Hitsville U.K.'s Songs of 2009 countdown. The rest will come tomorrow, with some actual writing for the Top 10 and the Albums of 2009 list following next week, along with tips for 2010. Better late than never eh? (Even further apologies if you can't read this well :[)

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