24 May 2009

>>>LIVE!>>>Sound Of Guns>>>23.05.09
If there was any doubt about the future of Liverpool's musical legacy, then allow Sound Of Guns to lay it to rest. Arriving on stage to a fairly eerie spoken word track and looking like a Kasabian tribute band, S.O.G's music belies the leather jackets and shaggy hair. "Alcatraz" owes a fair amount to early U2 with it's chiming guitar and stadium-sized chorus. Add to this the Bono-esque stage presence of lead singer Andy Metcalfe and it's clear to see that SOG are set for the top. The band have ample talent and definitely know their way around a good melody, with the dramatic driving rock of "Backs Of Butterflies" and the latter-day Manics sounds of "Magnesium". Rattling throughout their set at a breakneck speed, Sound Of Guns' energy and confidence points towards a future on the main stages of major festivals across Britain. Should fantastic new single and set opener "Architects" gets the right amount of hype from SOGs high-profile admirers (ranging from Huw Stevens to Steve Lamacq) then those festival slots will come much quicker than anticipated.

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