31 May 2009

The Killers can piss off back to their Las Vegas drawing board. Franz Ferdinand will have to chuck away their newly bought Casios. The new New Order are finally here. And, somewhat unsuprisingly, they're also from Manchester. In their own words Delphic "are the future sound of Manchester mixing euphoric electronica with anthemic songs for a post dance world". Clearly they've defintiely got the typical Manc confidence and swagger which is unusual, as most electronica/dance bands are seen as either uber-nerds or hyperactive students dressed in fluorescent colours, not confident masters of euphoric pop. "Counterpoint", their debut single, is a surefire hit, if not in the charts then definitely in the 'underground'. The swirling keyboards and frantic drumming mixed with James Cook's impassioned vocals make sure the song lives up to it's billing as "anthemic" by the band. The combination of dance and pop hooks makes it easy to envisage "Counterpoint" in a club, at a gig, at a festival, even in an arena or a stadium, which is certainly not a bad thing at all.
FOR FANS OF: New Order, Bloc Party, Friendly Fires

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