15 December 2008

One Month Off

No, not what I want for Christmas (that would be a new iPod) though I wouldn't say no to it really. It's the title of the latest Bloc Party single released from their third album, and sixth best of the year according to this very blog, "Intimacy". A mix of the crunching guitars and electronic paranoia of the band's first two albums with the new dancey direction, the song is a perfect vehicle for Kele Okereke's brilliant-as-always lyrics (trying not to get too far up BP's backsides here). It's a highlight of "Intimacy" and should win over anyone who lost faith in the Bloc after "Mercury" (which I think is a work of genius personally). "One Month Off" is also accompanied with a rather cool video, if not too subtle with it's political feel, which is slightly confusing as the song lyrics are more to do with yet another failed relationship with someone and have nowt to do with tanks appearing out of nothing.... ahh well, it's still pretty good.


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