14 December 2008

Mainly for my own benefit.....

...as I'll hopefully be going next year, but here's some possibilities for headliners and big acts playing Reading & Leeds 2009.

Kings Of Leon
  • Firmly planted in the mainstream as the new, big stadium band
  • Proven headliner credentials at Glasto last year
  • "Only By The Night" is specifically aimed for a sea of drunken festival goers
    Playing?: 9/10 Headlining?: 9/10
  • Festival veterans having headlined in 2006, and played two other times
  • Currently working on fifth album out in the second half of 2009 or early 2010, so might need a break from the studio
    Playing?: 6/10 Headlining?: 8/10

Franz Ferdinand
  • New album out early next year, their first in four years
  • Also headlined in 2006 and also played two times before
    Playing?: 7/10 Headlining?: 8/10

  • New album
  • Haven't played a festival in a while
  • It's Oasis
  • ...but might clash with their stadium tour
    Playing?: 6/10 Headlining?: 9/10?

  • Recently reformed
  • Huge fanbase
  • Possible clash with a future tour or may be headlining Glastonbury?
    Playing?: 5/10 Headlining?: 9/10

  • First British festival since the release of "In Rainbows"
  • Haven't played the festival in over a decade
  • Might headline Glasto instead
  • May not play any shows next year
    Playing?: 4/10 Headlining?: 9/10

Arctic Monkeys
  • It's Arctic Monkeys...
  • Possible third album next year
  • Haven't headlined Reading and Leeds yet
    Playing?: 7/10 Headlining?: 8/10

  • Apparently the biggest band of this year
  • Popular live
  • Good set at this years festival
    Playing?: 9/10 Headlining?: 6/10
The Cribs
  • Festival regulars
  • Possible new album; first with Johnny Marr
  • Not big/popular enough to headline
    Playing?: 8/10 Headlining?: 5/10
Manic Street Preachers
  • New album out; all lyrics written by Richey
  • Headlined the NME stage last year
  • Big enough back catlouge to headline
  • May not be touring next year out of respect to Richey.
    Playing?: 6/10 Headlining?: 6/10

  • Very popular
  • Not big enough for the main stage?
  • Not enough songs?
    Playing?: 8/10 Headlining?: 3/10
  • Big sound, perfect for festivals
  • Britain's best-loved band, according to NME
  • Either love them or hate them.
    Playing?: 8/10 Headlining?: 5/10
Kaiser Chiefs
  • Popular
  • Perfect festival band
  • Haven't played since 2006
  • New album not as good/popular as previous two
    Playing?: 7/10 Headlining?: 6/10
  • New album out next year
  • Becoming a regular on the festival circuit
  • Has only played R&L once in 2004, but didn't headline
    Playing?: 6/10 Headlining?: 6/10
The Strokes
  • First album in 3 years out next year possibly
  • Popular choice for headliner
  • Big enough back catalouge Playing?: 7/10 Headlining?: 6/10
Vampire Weekend
  • Highly popular at festivals this summer
  • Summery sound
  • Possible new album?
  • Not big enough to be main headliner?
    Playing?: 8/10 Headlining?: 6/10
The View
  • Popular at festivals
  • New album out early next year
  • Have never played the main stage
    Playing?: 7/10 Headlining?: 6/10

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