10 August 2010

VIDEO - Grinderman - Heathen Child

Taken from Grinderman's second eponymous album, "Heathen Child" is exactly the kind of primal garage rock that we've come to expect from Nick Cave's busman's holiday band. Wailing guitars and an irresistible groove provide a backing for Cave's howls of "I don't care about Allah, don't care about Buddah, don't care about Krishna", sounding ever more like his old self in The Birthday Party. The video features a fair amount of nudity, the floating head from Hot Chip's "I Feel Better" video, wolves, wolfmen and the band dressed as Roman centurions. I hope my mid-life crisis is as brilliant and mental as Nick Cave's seems to be.

"Grinderman 2" is released on the 13th of September
"Heathen Child" is released on the 6th of September (but you can download it here)
Grinderman kick off their UK tour on the 25th of September in Nottingham

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