9 April 2009


Yet another new feature. Should be a good'un. Basically if a good track shuffles up on me in iTunes and it's rather old (i.e. hasn't come out in the last six months or so) or obscure (compared to like Oasis, Arctics, Franz) then I shall extol it's virtues for you lot. Simples? And the honour of being first featured in this, er, feature goes to......*drumroll*

>>>The Walkmen>>>The Rat>>>

Washington-via-New York garage-rockers The Walkmen's biggest hit is undoubtedly "The Rat". Released in 2004, it's stood the test of time through the "death" of the garage-rock scene of the early '00s as well as the rise and fall of nu-rave and can definitely be considered a modern classic. The guitars never let up for a second, thrashing at chords for the entirety of the song, whilst the superbly named Hamilton Leithauser's vocals would prove a challenge for anyone attempting this at karaoke in that you'd have to have gargled glass to sound the same. The organ adds another dimension to the sound, giving a retro feel whilst making the song somehow danceable in an odd sort of way and the drumming is relentless. Even air-drumming the first minute or so will leave you knackered (this is the voice of experience speaking). Plus, they're Russell Howard's favourite band, so you know they've got to be good.
(no way of embedding the video, but here's a link to it :])

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